Commercial cleaning services mission statement
About Us

Our Team Members
Before an applicant becomes part of the KMI Team, he or she must successfully meet several criteria.  All applicants are carefully screened, including extensive criminal background investigations, previous employers are called, and our human resources department interviews the candidates. Sometimes these applicants are brought back for a second interview. 

If hired, a new recruit works side-by-side a veteran team member or supervisor for days or weeks, coaching them in their job’s specific responsibilities.  In an effort to be proactive rather than reactive, we believe in spending this valuable time and effort with our new recruits up front.  This is to maintain and preserve the high quality of service our customers deserve and KMI demands. We also evaluate the performance of each new recruit to assure that he or she has what it takes to be a member of the KMI team.  To ensure a professional appearance, all our recruits and team members are required to wear a KMI uniform shirt while on the job.

Our Team Leaders and Supervisors
Most KMI team leaders and supervisors began their career as team members.  Before a team member is considered for promotion, he or she must receive high scores on their performance appraisals.  These appraisals are based on quality output, work ethic, dependability, problem-solving ability, interpersonal skills, communication, and team-building skills.  Candidates are closely assessed by management.  Potential team leaders must log additional hours of rigorous training with another supervisor or officer of KMI.  If the candidate meets and exceeds KMI’s stringent criteria, only then do they become a KMI supervisor.  Our supervisors are unequivocally the best in the industry.

The Difference is in the Details

* We use only top quality materials and methods.

* Our cleaning technicians are highly trained and experienced.

* We have an extensive “hands-on” training program involving continued education.

* We continually investigate new and innovative materials and processes to achieve the best results possible.

* Our supervisors are highly motivated and detail oriented, inspecting what they expect.

* We are a value-added cleaning company and pride ourselves in going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

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